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Wood Doors Online

When it comes to building your home, the materials you choose are an important part of its design and function. The right choice will create a good impression and make your guests feel comfortable.

Wood has a long-standing reputation for being the most authentic material for exterior doors, window frames, and siding. It looks great, is easy to work with, and can be stained to match your interior finishes.

Despite its many advantages, wood is still a porous material that can warp, rot and crack over time. To protect your door from these issues, it’s best to water-seal it regularly.

A solid-wood door, with true stiles and rails, is a superior choice because it’s heavier than hollow-core doors. It also resists warping better.

Stock and custom wood doors come in a variety of species, including oak, cherry, maple, walnut, mahogany, and fir. Some are actually veneer skins over an engineered core, which minimizes the expansion and contraction that causes wood to warp.

The least expensive doors are made from a lightweight wooden frame that’s then filled with insulation and wrapped in plywood or hardboard skin. The more expensive options are frame-and-panel doors that use solid wood, such as mahogany or hemlock.

Aside from being beautiful, wooden doors can be quite durable, and they help reduce outdoor noise. However, they aren’t as resistant to dents and dings as steel or fiberglass alternatives. They’re also more vulnerable to termite attacks unless you’ve got advanced treatments in place.

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