Choose Your HVAC Contractor Wisely

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How to Choose an HVAC Contractor

HVAC contractor

When it comes to licensing, HVAC contractors – need to meet certain requirements. Depending on your state, you need to be licensed in two ways: residential and commercial. It is important to check out their work history, as well as their insurance and licensing information. In some states, licensed HVAC technicians must also be registered and insured. Here are some tips for choosing an HVAC contractor:

Qualifications for HVAC contractor license

There are many requirements for getting a New Mexico HVAC contractor license. For example, HVAC contractors must be pre-approved, have at least two years of experience, pass an exam on business and law, and have a bond. Applicants must also have five hours of continuing education to keep up with state and local regulations. A business license must be renewed annually. To obtain a New Mexico HVAC contractor license, complete the application. Then, pay yearly fees to maintain your license.

Experience requirements

HVAC contractors must meet certain experience requirements in order to be licensed. In Michigan, a contractor must have three years of experience and pass a trade exam to become licensed. In Minnesota, HVAC contractors can work without state licensing but must still meet local license requirements and post a $25,000 surety bond. Experience in the HVAC trade is crucial when working with customers in homes or businesses. In addition to obtaining a license, contractors must pass a background check.

Education requirements

In Washington, HVAC contractors must be licensed by the Department of Labor and Industries. In some states, contractors must also be licensed in plumbing, electrical, or gas, but not in HVAC. While there aren’t many requirements for HVAC contractors in Washington, those who do must pass several exams and be enrolled in a trade school. An HVAC Qualifier can lend credibility to your business. This isn’t mandatory, but it is a great way to establish credibility in the community.


While HVAC contractors need to be licensed in their respective states, it doesn’t always follow that they need to be certified in all of them. Some states require contractors to take exams in order to receive their licenses, and many of these tests require practical exercises and specific levels of expertise. HVAC contractor certifications are an excellent way to ensure you’re serving your customers and building a good reputation. You can learn more about HVAC contractor certifications here.


Fees for HVAC contractors vary by location and type of service. Generally, the service call fee is around $80 for residential customers in Jackson, TN. Outside of Jackson, service call fees can be significantly higher. These fees cover travel time and mileage to and from the customer’s location, plus the labor cost for the initial diagnosis of the problem. In addition to the service call fee, some HVAC contractors also charge a travel fee.

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